Many moral issues are easy and simple. We rarely discuss these, precisely because we are in agreement.

The issues we debate constantly are the difficult ones. The difficulty is genuine. Thoughtful, well-informed people of good will are often to be found on opposing sides in these debates.

One of the challenges of the moral life is to recognize these competing truths, not to buy one truth as the price of ignoring other truths.

Lawrence M. Hinman, Ph.D.

Speaker . . . Writer . . . Teacher

Ethics matters. To me. And, if you are on this site, probably to you as well.

Ethics is about the future, about striving together to create a better future. It is about creativity, imagination, leadership, courage, and integrity.

in my writing, public speaking, and teaching, I have tried to create a vision of ethics as positive, as the articulation of a shared ideal rather than the condemnation of someone else's behavior.

If you share this vision of ethics, please browse this site. You will find much that complements and extends this vision.